Ice Cream

We all love ice cream.we usually eat ice as a desert.Many people like to eat ice cream because it has so many

flavours and it is sweet and cold in taste.

There are many flavours such as:-




5.kesar pista

6.butterscotch ,etc

(Q.)how to make a ice cream step by step ?

(ans.)Step 1) – Pre-Freeze your ice cream maker’s gel


Step 2) – Heat the milk, sugar and powdered milk.

Step 3)- Separate 8 egg yolks.

Step 4) – Whip the egg yolks until thickened.

Step 5) – Slowly add 1 cup of the hot milk mixture to the egg


Step 6) – Pour the egg yolk mix into the pot of hot milk.

(Q.)what is ice cream made of ?

(ans.)Ice cream is made of  a mixture of milk, cream, sugar,

 and sometimes other ingredients, that has been

frozen into a soft, creamy delight using special techniques.

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