A story for non-veg people

Hello friends today I will tell you a true story that was said by lord krishna to a hunter that tried to kill a deer in the woods .


One day lord krishna was sitting on a rock beside a lake, playing his flute . suddenly a scared deer came running towards lord krishna and said to him that ‘ help me , a hunter wants to eat me ‘ the hunter came and said to him that ‘give me the deer’ . lord krishna said ‘ you have no right to kill someone . the god have made these beautiful creations and you silly people want to kill it . The hunter said ” I don’t care . Just give me the deer or i will kill you too ” . Lord krishna didn’t got angry and told him that ” ok you can take the deer but before that you must hear a story . if you still want to take the deer then you can take it ” . lord krishna started the story .

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There was a kingdom where everyone lived happy

Perçin İmrek's Tale Of a Kingdom - AEGEE Golden Times

For 1 week the kingdom dried up because of the lack of rain . All the crops dried and got spoiled . the king arranged a meeting with his courtiers . everyone came . The king told that ” what should we do ? our people are dying because of the lack of food ” . One of the couriters said that we should kill animals . All of them agreed expect the king . That night the king told his trusted soldier to ” tell all the courtiers that the king got and accident and lost a lot of blood and flesh and wants 1 kilo of flesh to be alive . The soldier got astonished , but did as told each and every couriter gave gold coins buy not even 1 kilogram of flesh and the other day the couritiers came to the castle and got astonished that the king was alive . The king told everyone that you silly people don’t even want to give your 1 kilogram of flesh and you expect that the animals would ?

The hunter told that i would never kill any animal that is my promise to you . Lord krishna got happy and gave the hunter his blessings .

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