lord hanuman

Who is lord Hanuman ?

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Lord hanuman also called maruti is the son of Anjana and Kesari . He is a devotee of lord Rama . He is not proud of his knowledge and powers . one day when little hanuman was hungry and could not find anything to eat he tried to eat the sun , Indra dev came and throwed his vajra to lord hanuman . It hit Hanuman on his hanu ( chin ) . he falled off the sky . pavan dev who taught hanuman to fly cathced him and got angry with Indra and other devatas as nobody tried to save him . All the air was gone as pavan dev was the god of wind . he took hanuman in a cave and closed that cave . Animals and people were dying the waves of the seas and oceans stopped the trees died . the devtas said sorry to hanuman and pavan dev . all the gods gave him their blessing and their powers to hanuman

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Ability to reduce smaller than the smallest form.

Ability to become larger than the largest form.

Ability to become very heavy in weight.

Ability to become very light.

Ability to acquire anything, anywhere at anytime.

Ability to have anything under control.

and Ability to give boons at his wish.

Most Of Lord Hanuman’s powers he got was from his boons.

Lord Brahma granted him the boon that no curse will affect him, he will have knowledge greater than him, he can become invisible, he can go anywhere at will in a second, and that he will be able to create any object at his will and that he will show fear in his enemies.Lord Shiva gave him his trident and said that he may use it whenever he wishes evoking and revoking. Lord Shiva also gave boons, that he will be one of the many to know the secret of OM, he will have control of fire, water, wind, sun and poison, he will be unconquerable, he will be undisturbed of thirst, hunger and other body-generated cravings, he will hear and see things that happen very far, he will be able to go at any speed, he will possess all weapons that Lord Shiva possessed, he will reduce fear in friends and that he can shape-shift at will. Lord Vishnu told Lord Hanuman that he will be as fast as the Sudarshana Chakra,he will have knowledge of Past, Present and Future, he will know what other people think, he will be free of sins, he will be able to fly faster than Garuda and that he will possess a mace as powerful as his. Lord Indra apologised to Little Hanuman and gave the Vajra that was in his possession (though Lord Indra will also be able to use it at his will). He also wished hanuman that he will be stronger than the Vajra, he will have great status, he will be immortal in history, enter into other people’s body, he will be able to witness the pastimes of demi-gods, he will achieve anything he is determined about and his command will never be stopped. Lord Indra also gave a lotus garland that won’t ever wither( and that it will always stay in his heart,except if he desired to show it).

Lord Agni gave him the power of never being hurt by fire, and that he can create fire at will, he will have memories of his past life and that he will be able to reduce the heat of fire for anyone. Lord Varuna told Lord Hanuman that he will never be hurt by water, he can create water at will, levitation ( making anything rise at air at will), and that he will be able to multi-locate(be in two or more places at a time). Lord Yama was really pleased with Hanuman and said that he will be immortal, he will remain in his health, he will be able to make one material to turn into another and that he will be able to give someone a long life.Lord Kamadeva granted him the boon that he will not be married and be attracted by opposite gender and he will be very handsome and attractive at the same time. Lord Vayu blessed Hanuman that he can fly at distances faster than light. Lord Vishwakarma said that no weapons will harm him and that he will possess all weapons. Finally Lord Kubera said that Lord Hanuman will possess Nava Nidhis, namely :

A great Lotus Flower

A Lotus

A Conch Shell

A crocodile

A turtle shell

Quick Silver


Sapphire and Cups/Vessels baked in fire.

Lord Kaala granted him the boon that he can slow down or speed up time, and that he can create a Kaala Whirlpool. Goddess Nidra(God of Sleep) gifted him saying that he will always be radiant and energetic and that he can resist sleep. Nagadevi(Queen of Nagas) said that they will always create an invisible ring around Hanuman that will protect him. They also gave a boon saying that Hanuman can see what is happening in the Three Worlds without even going there. Goddess Durga said that Hanuman will be extremely courageous and that he shall always be content and happy. He was also blessed that he won’t ever face any crucial problems.Goddess Maya said that Lord Hanuman will be free of illusions and can create ultimate and strong illusions.

These powers made Hanuman Powerful.

His most powerful power was chanting Ram. JAI HANUMAN!!!


Hanuman Chalisa,हनुमान चालीसा, the forty verse prayer of Lord hanuman

Shri Hanuman Chalisa

Shri Hanuman Chalisa



बाल समय रवि भक्षि लियो तब,
तीनहुं लोक भयो अंधियारों
ताहि सो त्रास भयो जग को,
यह संकट काहु सों जात  न टारो
देवन आनि करी विनती तब,छाड़ि दियो रवि कष्ट निवारो
को नहीं जानत है जग में कपि,
संकटमोचन नाम तिहारो, को – १
बालि की त्रास कपीस बसै गिरि,
जात महाप्रभु पंथ निहारो
चौंकि महामुनि शाप दियो तब ,
चाहिए कौन बिचार बिचारो
कैद्विज रूप लिवाय महाप्रभु,
सो तुम दास के शोक निवारो, – को – २अंगद के संग लेन गए सिय,
खोज कपीश यह बैन उचारो
जीवत ना बचिहौ हम सो  जु ,
बिना सुधि लाये इहाँ पगु धारो
हेरी थके तट सिन्धु सबै तब ,
लाए सिया-सुधि प्राण उबारो,-  को – ३
रावण त्रास दई सिय को तब ,
राक्षसि सो कही सोक निवारो
ताहि समय हनुमान महाप्रभु ,
जाए महा रजनीचर मारो
चाहत सीय असोक सों आगिसु ,
दै प्रभु मुद्रिका सोक निवारो, -को – ४
बान लग्यो उर लछिमन के तब ,
प्राण तजे सुत रावन मारो
लै गृह बैद्य सुषेन समेत ,
तबै गिरि द्रोण सुबीर उपारो
आनि संजीवन हाथ दई तब ,
लछिमन के तुम प्रान उबारो, – को – ५
रावन युद्ध अजान कियो तब ,
नाग कि फांस सबै सिर डारो
श्री रघुनाथ समेत सबै दल ,
मोह भयो यह संकट भारो
आनि खगेस तबै हनुमान जु ,
बंधन काटि सुत्रास निवारो,-  को – ६
बंधु समेत जबै अहिरावन,
लै रघुनाथ पताल सिधारो
देवहिं पूजि भली विधि सों बलि ,
देउ सबै मिलि मन्त्र विचारो
जाये सहाए भयो तब ही ,
अहिरावन सैन्य समेत संहारो,- को – ७
काज किये बड़ देवन के तुम ,
बीर महाप्रभु देखि बिचारो
कौन सो संकट मोर गरीब को ,
जो तुमसो नहिं जात है टारो
बेगि हरो हनुमान महाप्रभु ,
जो कछु संकट होए हमारो,-  को – ८

लाल देह लाली लसे , अरु धरि लाल लंगूर I
बज्र देह दानव दलन , जय जय जय कपि सूर II


Hanuman ji ki Aarti | Hanuman aarti, Hanuman, Hanuman chalisa


  • If you speak the Chalisa , Ashtak , Bhajans , Aarti , sundar kand and any other things related to lord hanuman then he will not get happy instead lord rama will give his blessings to you but if you want to make lord hanuman happy then please see my blog ‘ LORD RAMA ‘ .
  • we should give lord hanuman 108 people leaves on tuesday and saturday as these day are dedicated to lord hanuman . Make a MALA of 108 leaves , That will be more convenient . you can either give it to your hanuman ji that you have in your house or give the mala in the mandir .
  • Hanuman ji likes sindoor as he noticed that ram ji likes sita ji more than he like me , so he asked the reason from goddess Sita that ” why does lord rama likes you more than me ” she told that ” it is because of my sindoor that I apply on my forehead ” Lord hanuman told to Sita ji that i will apply the sindoor on my whole body ” Sita ji laughed and told that ” It is only for girls ” Hanuman said ” no no i will apply the sindoor ” Sita hji said “as you wish ” . From that day he started to apply sindoor . so we should apply sindoor in Lord Hanuman daily .
  • if you give bhog ( food ) to lord hanuman then always put 1 tulsi leave or he will remain hungry and will get sad .

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